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New to Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

Hi All,

Hope Everyone is safe and healthy.
This is Amiya from Australia. I am very new to this Bootcamp and to also to this Linux world.
Would anybody tell me, do I need to finish LFS101X on edx first and start LFS201 from the curriculum or how to approach it.

Do I have to finish the course in 6 months or I can study in my own pace and complete it in 12 months of time?

What are the setups needed for this Bootcamp? I have already installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in VM. Amazon free tier is up.
Any way to go through the earlier Zoom sessions/Class recordings.

Please clarify


  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,101

    Hi Amiya,

    If you are new to Linux, I recommend finishing LFS101x before going into LFS201, because there are some details you need to manage first, it's all the basic stuff that we don't see on LFS201.

    What are the setups needed for this Bootcamp? I have already installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in VM. Amazon free tier is up.

    For the most of the labs, a vm in the cloud will be ok. For some few exercises you will need a local vm, so you can edit the boot line, for example.

    Any way to go through the earlier Zoom sessions/Class recordings.

    Nope, by our policy they are stored for one day only.

    Many regards,

  • Thanks Luis, appreciate a lot for ur quick response. And what about the timeline to finish the course, 6 or 12 months?
    Many thanks...

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,761

    You have 12 months to finish the bootcamp (courses and exams). Also, one other thing to mention - if you are using a cloud provider, for most courses the free tier will be ok, but not for all - one such example is LFS258 - Kubernetes Fundamentals.

  • Thnaks fcioanca for the clarification. One more queries please, I have got the scheduling instruction mail but there is no option available to schedule the exam in my portal section. Shall I get a separate link to schedule the same?

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,761

    Please direct any exam-related question to [email protected]. They will assist you.

  • linuxskiba
    linuxskiba Posts: 22

    Welcome Amiya.
    Its nice to have another aussie in here =)
    I am also new to the Linux world.

  • When did you enroll Linuxskiba? Let's start our cloud journey together.
  • linuxskiba
    linuxskiba Posts: 22

    I started about a month ago but being very new to the Linux world I have so much to learn!
    Yes lets learn together and help any other Australians on here together =)

  • I am also completely new to Linux mate. I am still going through the prerequisite LFS101X on Edx. Have not started yet the LFS201 module from the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp curriculum.

    About the course, how difficult do you find it for completely Linux novices? What was your approach, did you also finish LFS101X and start this Bootcamp syllabus?


  • Yes I went through the LDS101x course just before this boot camp went on offer as I already wanted to learn Linux this year.

    I am finding the course both interesting and difficult. I have found that there is gaps in the information provided and having to fill in some of knowledge by reading through man pages, youtube other material.

    How have you been find it so far? are you using a Linux distro on your workstation or a VM?

  • So far I have started only intro section on the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp syllabus. Exactly, I am also referring to some online materials with LFS101X on edx to have a good grasp.

    I am using Ubuntu 20.04 on VM.

    I am from Sydney, where are you based out from. Hope you are having a good time among all the corona chaos.

  • I think the main thing is to take it slow and do as many labs, testing on your own so you get a good understanding of what is happening and why but most of all of have fun =)
    A VM is great for testing/learning but if you have a spare/old workstation laying around install Ubuntu on it and see what works and doesnt work to also help increase your learning/training.

    I am in Melbourne so its only getting a lot worse here at the moment!

  • Stay safe buddy. Thanks for your inputs..


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