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Instructor Lead Class Recordings

My peers have expressed a recurring request to make the recordings available for a longer time and/or being made to be available for download for those that cannot make a certain day or times. Much appreciated!

I invite my peers to poll to make these requests for official review.

Summary of recordings:

Here is one example to show that the recordings are not available:

Instructor Lead Class Recordings 21 votes

Available for longer time
fxgallogarciaolais 2 votes
Available for download
Senthil_Rajendranahmedzaidileogeo80 3 votes
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  • chrisfeigchrisfeig Posts: 32

    Does one of these options apply if you're OK with the session being available for download for 24 hours?

    I for one am ok with this, given that the issue of disk space was raised as a concern by LF staff.

  • Having the videos available for download has been very helpful to me as I' m not always able to attend.

    24 hours is enough time for me to download them and review them at my convience.

  • Both

    @chrisfeig said:
    Does one of these options apply if you're OK with the session being available for download for 24 hours?

    I for one am ok with this, given that the issue of disk space was raised as a concern by LF staff.

    I would like to imagine that the download would be available for at least 24 hours. But I am not an authority here, I am just trying to help. :)

  • chrisfeigchrisfeig Posts: 32

    sorry i really don't understand the poll, or the point of it... :/:#

    doesn't available for 24 hours, or longer, mean it's available for download? shouldn't your question be, is 24 hours enough time to access the file: yes or no?

    when the course commenced, considerable effort was made by Luis and the LF team to get the downloads up for 24 hours. There was an issue with the availability of disk space, but eventually a rolling 24 hour download slot it was granted. increasing to 48 hours would double the required space, 72 would triple it, etc.

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 896


    Let me clarify a mistake you made. The sessions are not instructor led class. They are, and have always been, office hours. An opportunity to ask questions with a live person, or get help if stuck with an exercise.

    If you are not familiar with office hours in a learning environment, perhaps a university, it is a time to speak with a professor outside of class and get extra help. As we are remote we are leveraging zoom for this.


  • Both

    Thank you @chrisfeig and @serewicz for the clarifications. Much appreciated.

  • Both

    The reason I would like to see office hours recording posted for a longer time and with a download option are these...

    1. I do not have the luxury of being able to attend every day or for the full time when I do attend. Recordings are a good way to keep up to date with what is happening and to hear what others are experiencing. A longer time window of between a week and a month would give the opportunity to more easily access the content when I have time to work on this course.
    2. I do not have the luxury of being able to be constantly connected. Downloads are the avenue I use to catch up when I am away from a connection and have time to study.
    3. Another helpful part of recordings and downloads is you can skip the redundant and irrelevant questions some students ask, jump over any trainer's snap and snark, plus speed up the play rate to save time and still get the useful material.
  • Available for download

    Hi there

    Firstly thank you for considering our request.

    I am a total beginner to Linux and still trying to fully finish LFS101. Therefore a lot of the concepts covered in LFS201 I find complex. And reviewing the recordings of the daily office hours is a god send!.
    Given my lack of foundation knowledge, it takes a few rounds of viewing to understand the concepts.
    I see from today 15 July 2020, that the download functionality has been disabled forthe office hours of 14th July and the recordings continue to be available merely for 24 hours.
    Luis kindly clarified during today's office hours that there was potential for people to misuse the recordings if download was allowed ,which I fully appreciate, and therefore the recording will not be downloadable any longer

    However, given the different knowledge levels of participants in the Cloud Engineer boot camp and in the interest of all of us carrying on the journey of Linux, if there is some way to access these recording in some restricted area or downloadable with some form of user based security credentials, it will be of IMMENSE HELP for Linux newbies like me.

    Can you please help people like me?

    Many thanks

  • JKasimbaJKasimba Posts: 5


    I second Senthil's comments above.



  • coopcoop Posts: 717

    I'm afraid this just will not happen. For one thing, If the sessions are easily downloadable, they will certainly wind up on the Internet somewhere, it is just human nature and not an accusation against any particular individual. I've had it happen to me in the past and my intellectual property seriously devalued as a result. If an instructional model is based on material freely available to the public that is fine -- there are many excellent examples -- but in this case we would be unable to finance the production and maintenance of the material (it is regularly updated quite often) and be able to pay for things like the office hours if the material is so easily copied. Most free material gets stale rather quickly. Just the way it is.

    Secondly, almost all LF training material is** not** primarily video-based by design. One has to be able to obtain the necessary knowledge and experience by reading and by performing the lab exercises; the videos embedded in the training are for giving examples, and occasionally as diversions into material not covered directly in the class (For example videos in LFS201 which show how to do things using a graphical interface while the lectures are almost entirely from the command line.)

    Thirdly, the "office hours" are not meant to be lectures. They are meant to work exactly how a professor's office hours are intended; students come in and pose clarifying questions, or ask for help doing assignments etc. Given the fact that students start these classes at different times and work at different paces, the sessions cannot and should not just progress along with the class material in order. The only difference between a physical office hour and this is that there will be an audience of additional students listening in.

    I know that some learners really feel they need very video-based learning and others not so much and everyone has different tastes and abilities.

    So I'm sorry, but AFAIK there will not be any significant number of videos kept up for a long time. The fact that some of them
    were not removed on schedule was a bug and not a feature, and the 24 hours rule I expect will be enforced.

  • tncsvtncsv Posts: 2


    I support both choice because i am working, therefore my work hours coincide with the hours of the session in some days. I need to make revise some specific topics with video.


  • chrisfeigchrisfeig Posts: 32

    Just a suggestion, could office hours be made available at different times to provide greater flexibility for people in other time zones? This might make it easier for people to attend to ask questions/discuss/etc., and reduce the need to access previous recorded sessions.

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 896


    The forums are available 24/7 and are a great place to ask questions and get help.


  • Available for download

    @coop - Thank you for the clarification

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