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Shouldn't pods be nodes?

Hi Tim,

LFD259 Lab2.2 bullet 13:

  1. Check that both nodes are without a Taint. If they both are without taint the nodes should now show as Ready. It may take a minute or two for all pods to enter Ready state.

I assume "...for all pods" should be "...for all nodes" ?



  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    In this case, it is actually the nodes. If you look under step 9, you may see a status of NotReady. This is a bit of a historical problem that has largely been taken care of, adding nodes to clusters during some versions of K8s required switching them to a ready state by removing a taint. This isn't an issue for 1.18.1, but the steps remain in the lab as reference in case someone is using an older version still in production(not uncommon). The short of it is, we want both nodes to say Ready.


  • jenkja
    jenkja Posts: 4

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for elaborating on the taints related background for the steps.

    But I'm not sure you caught the underlying reason for my post which was FYI (and not a problem for me):
    I assume (even though not stated explicitly) you agree that the text in the lab should be changed from:
    "...It may take a minute or two for all pods to enter Ready state" to:
    "...It may take a minute or two for all nodes to enter Ready state"
    Br, Jens

  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Ah, Yes. Indeed. Now I see your point.

    I was looking at it from the perspective that the pods had to be Ready for the Node to then respond Ready. I will clarify the step.

    Thanks for the follow up.



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