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LFS201 - Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

Good day everyone! I am not new to Linux but I am new to this course and the Bootcamp that LF has offered. My goal is to complete these courses and get a AWS, Azure and VMWare certifications to back this up.


  • luisviveropenaluisviveropena Posts: 544

    Hi @bmorezcmunee , welcome! That sounds like a good plan :)

    Many regards,

  • MotoroninMotoronin Posts: 1

    Greetings all!

    I am not new to Linux. I am taking this course to fill in administrative gaps, certify and advance Linux infrastructure operations proficiency. Thanks!



  • luisviveropenaluisviveropena Posts: 544

    Hi Michael, welcome to the bootcamp! That sounds pretty good :)


  • amauryrsamauryrs Posts: 1

    Hi @ll, here to learn, certify and grow! And also important... to be part of the community and help as mush as possible!
    If people in the group that is a very begging level I'm willing to have a online session group to share and spans our community and experience

  • Steve009Steve009 Posts: 1

    Hi all.

    Ive been using linux on and off for a few years, more in a personal capacity, and recently had some work requirements, therefore I want to expand my knowledge officially! Looking forward to this journey.

  • PangarPangar Posts: 3

    Hi everyone! I seem to have gone the other way around, I already have my AWS Architect cert but am a linux noob! The little I have done I have loved and that is why I came to this course - I would like to get my linux certs and work with open source. I have completed the Edx course and hope this bootcamp doesn't just get me stuck within 1 min!

  • Geo34980Geo34980 Posts: 2

    Hi Everybody, I am not new in Linux, using it on my personal comuter for 15 years now, with 5 years of Unix experience in mid 80's. I lately played on a distant Linux VPS installing Nextcloud and willing to get certificate in order to move from play to Work besides the fact that I'm sure that at the end of the session the 30 participants or so will be a good source of expertise en exchange. I will probably nit be able to assist every single session but I'll try to record the using Vokoscreen on my Ubuntu PC.

  • fgacengafgacenga Posts: 1

    Hi Everybody, I am familiar with basic aspects of Linux. My goal is to consolidate and advance my knowledge and skills.

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