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LFS201 - Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

Good day everyone! I am not new to Linux but I am new to this course and the Bootcamp that LF has offered. My goal is to complete these courses and get a AWS, Azure and VMWare certifications to back this up.


  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @bmorezcmunee , welcome! That sounds like a good plan :)

    Many regards,

  • Motoronin
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    Greetings all!

    I am not new to Linux. I am taking this course to fill in administrative gaps, certify and advance Linux infrastructure operations proficiency. Thanks!



  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,127

    Hi Michael, welcome to the bootcamp! That sounds pretty good :)


  • amauryrs
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    Hi @ll, here to learn, certify and grow! And also important... to be part of the community and help as mush as possible!
    If people in the group that is a very begging level I'm willing to have a online session group to share and spans our community and experience

  • Steve009
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    Hi all.

    Ive been using linux on and off for a few years, more in a personal capacity, and recently had some work requirements, therefore I want to expand my knowledge officially! Looking forward to this journey.

  • Pangar
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    Hi everyone! I seem to have gone the other way around, I already have my AWS Architect cert but am a linux noob! The little I have done I have loved and that is why I came to this course - I would like to get my linux certs and work with open source. I have completed the Edx course and hope this bootcamp doesn't just get me stuck within 1 min!

  • Geo34980
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    Hi Everybody, I am not new in Linux, using it on my personal comuter for 15 years now, with 5 years of Unix experience in mid 80's. I lately played on a distant Linux VPS installing Nextcloud and willing to get certificate in order to move from play to Work besides the fact that I'm sure that at the end of the session the 30 participants or so will be a good source of expertise en exchange. I will probably nit be able to assist every single session but I'll try to record the using Vokoscreen on my Ubuntu PC.

  • fgacenga
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    Hi Everybody, I am familiar with basic aspects of Linux. My goal is to consolidate and advance my knowledge and skills.

  • douglukas
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    Been working with Linux off and on for several years now. Taking this course as a stepping stone on a journey to a career change out of the Automotive Engineering field.

  • hinin
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    Hi everyone. I'm new in Linux and so I started with the course LFS101. So I'm here to start and learn this first step LFS201 and I would like to expand my level and start a new career.

  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @hinin ,

    I'm here to help, so if you need anything related to the labs, or if you are doing a test and it fails, feel free to ask for assistance.

    Many regards,

  • Hi everyone. I'm not really experienced with Linux. But i'm in IT sector for about 10 years. I hope to learn more during this bootcamp and share experiences with each and everyone

  • Hey everyone! I've been using Linux mainly on the desktop probably since Ubuntu 5.04, on and off. I've been in IT since a little before that, and always wanted to "get serious" about it and hopefully advance my career while I'm at it. I'm running through LFS101 as a refresher (I took Intro to Linux at a community college years ago and have forgotten a lot!) The Kubernetes part of the bootcamp really has me interested. Excited to dig in and get busy!

  • sppspb
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    I am Test engineer, planning to establish career in cloud computing..

  • Hi everyone!. Good evening to you from London. I'm new to Linux although, currently doing LFS101. Lost my job last month but am very happy because I believe it brought the best thing to my life "Linux". I am here to learn, contribute to this wonderful community and start a new career. I am open/looking for a mentor also. Thank guys.

  • @amauryrs said:
    Hi @ll, here to learn, certify and grow! And also important... to be part of the community and help as mush as possible!
    If people in the group that is a very begging level I'm willing to have a online session group to share and spans our community and experience

    Hi @amauryrs, I would be grateful to have an online session with you

  • Hello All! I felt like it was time for a career change, and I think that Linux is the way of the future. So I am very happy to join you and look forward to many interesting discussions with you! I am running Ubuntu on an old mac with VirtualBox. So far so good, the only issue is that it sometimes acts as if it is frozen but then comes back to life. Maybe it needs more memory allocated?

  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @lostfrieser , welcome!

    I'm running my vm's with a GUI, and I have assigned 2 GB of memory to each of them. I'm also running the VMs on VirtualBox. With that amount of memory they run well.

    Many regards,

  • coop
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    If you don't turn on virtualization in the BIOS/CMOS, it may either run badly or not at all. If your laptop is so old it doesn't even have the virtualization extensions, it's unlikely to ever work well. 2GB should work but it is a minimum

  • Hello fellow course members,
    I am also not new to Linux. I started playing around on occasional basis with (at that time) RH6. Then tried several other distributions. In 2010 I used Ubuntu as dualboot with Windows and since 2011 I got rid of Windows completely. When Ubuntu stopped Unity DE, I was wandering around distro's again and finally have landed with Fedora.
    On server level I am very busy and active with NethServer. This is a CentOS based distribution that aims to make the life of a sysadmin easier. You can compare it with Zentyal, ClearOS or Univention. (bias warning.. ;) ) but NethServer has by far the most inclusive and helpful community around it.
    Hope we can help each other with getting through the courses and exams for the LF Cloud Engineer bootcamp.
    Have fun!

  • Hi @robbnl , welcome to the bootcamp!

    I haven't heard about NethServer before, it sounds interesting :)


  • Not new to Linux. I took the Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on EdX. I have also been using Linux on old laptop and using Live CDs for a while as well.. I am looking to advance my career (even though I have been doing DevOps Engineering at my current company) I, apparently need to "Prove" that I can do my job.. SIgh

  • Hi,
    I am new to Linux and I have started LFS101 on EdEx and after that I will be taking Cloud Engineer Bootcamp. how do you suggest to take this course for someone who is beginner like me. I am open/looking for a mentor also. How can we interact with the instructors in office hours.


  • Hi @orionhunt , welcome!

    Hi @saumya043 :

    How can we interact with the instructors in office hours.

    Office Hours is an instance for talking and discussing anything related to the course for the day. So, you can make questions about the labs, something you don't understand, something that's failing, etc. The instructor also can make questions to the students to progress in the specific topics.

    Many regards,

  • Hi,

    This is a definition of Office Hours by the Cornell University, in case you haven't heard the concept before:


    So, we do that for the courses we offer in the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp.

    I hope that helps,


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