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Welcome to the boot camp! I'll be one of the folks helping with the forum and office hours for the Kubernetes course. Looking forward to working with you and answering some questions.


  • StngreenStngreen Posts: 2

    Many thanks for the warm welcome and looking forward to a great learning experience.

  • fxgallofxgallo Posts: 8

    Hello @serewicz, Thank you for the welcome. I'm very happy to join this boot camp and looking forward to the container and orchestration courses, once I've worked through the introductory Linux courses. I appreciate the time and effort that you and @luisviveropena are dedicating to helping us learn several critically important skills on this roadmap to becoming a (certified) cloud engineer. Many thanks. -Frank

  • blackbear710blackbear710 Posts: 23

    @serewicz would you recommend Containers Fundamentals before jumping right into Kubernetes Fundamentals?

    I don't have professional experience, I went to a GCP Kubernetes Day/Course in Denver, I've spun up a few Clusters but nothing in-depth, I know about Kube-CTL and Mini-Kube but not at a level where I would be utilizing it daily

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 652

    I would unless you're really pressed for time. The hardest part of deploying Kubernetes is not Kubernetes, but writing decoupled, transient, microservices. When you understand what a container should be, and how to work with them, its a good foundation for the orchestration of the containers, which is what Kubernetes does.


  • blackbear710blackbear710 Posts: 23

    Great, Thank You for the Input

  • Hi @serewicz , thank you for the welcome. It's been three days since I signed up for Boot Camp. I'm very excited to find out what I'm in for.

    Sorry for my english level. My mother's language is French.

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 652

    Bienvenue! Bon nombre d’entre eux ont l’anglais comme langue seconde, donc vous vous intégrerez parfaitement.
    Welcome! Quite a few here have English as a second language, so you'll fit right in. Glad you are here.


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