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Completing the course?


I noticed that I cannot move onto the LFCS course. Do I have to mark LFS201 as completed before I can move onto the LFCS course? Also, if I mark LFS201 as completed can I come back and view the course at a later date?


  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 378

    LFCS is the certification exam, and you can schedule it whenever you are ready to take it; scheduling the exam is not contingent on completing LFS201. If you mark LFS201 complete, you will still be able to access the course content for the remainder of the 1 year enrollment access period.

  • WarrenUKWarrenUK Posts: 25
    edited May 15


    Sorry I was wrong. I have courses for LFS201 and LFS211. Is there a course for LFCS or is that just the name of the exam?

    Does LSF201 = LFCS exam?
    and does LFS211 = LFCE exam?

  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 378

    LFS101 on edX and LFS201 are considered good preparation for LFCS. LFS211 is considered good preparation for LFCE.

  • WarrenUKWarrenUK Posts: 25

    OK thanks for clearing it up.

    I have completed LFS101 a year ago but I will brush up on it again.

    I can now access LFS211 after marking LSF201 as complete.

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