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Best Programming Language for Linux Servers and Networks?

Hi Everyone!
I know nothing about computing, networks or Linux. Just Apple end-user stuff. Now, I am going to take the LPIC1-3 courses because I want to get serious about IT and career development. Is it necessary to know a programming language to administer Linux servers and networks? Is there one particular programming language used for Linux only, or can any be used?
Thank you for any help!


  • nikhil09nikhil09 Posts: 1

    Python is one of the most popular scripting languages when it comes to server side programming . It plays a major role when it comes to testing and hacking tools. There are many Linux jobs available now. Most of the startup companies are outsourcing their tasks to find the skilled talent with the help of a dedicated IT support team. It is also important to understand the popularity of the programming language where you are located, participate in meetups and invest more time to get expertise in that particular programming language. Ultimately, if the skills you have in hand are in more demand, then you will be the most paid developer.

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