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How to view images availabe in k8s.gcr.io?

dnx Posts: 32
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Going through the Logging lab, I hit an isssue deploying metrics-server, where it looks like the image isn't available:

  Normal   Pulling    20s (x2 over 35s)  kubelet, k8sworker1  Pulling image "k8s.gcr.io/metrics-server:v0.3.7"
  Warning  Failed     18s (x2 over 33s)  kubelet, k8sworker1  Failed to pull image "k8s.gcr.io/metrics-server:v0.3.7": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: manifest for k8s.gcr.io/metrics-server:v0.3.7 not found: manifest unknown: Failed to fetch "v0.3.7" from request "/v2/metrics-server/manifests/v0.3.7".
  Warning  Failed     18s (x2 over 33s)  kubelet, k8sworker1  Error: ErrImagePull

I ended up solving the issue by changing branches to release-0.3, but now I'd really like to know how to see which images are avaialble (for any k8s.gcr.io image - be it metrics-server, etcd etc), and I can't actually see a way to do this. If someone knows it'd be really useful.



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