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Deployment Configuration - transitions from 'using configmaps' to 'deployment configuration status'

bkclementsbkclements Posts: 10
edited January 23 in LFD259 Class Forum

I found this slide transition confusing.

In the section on deployment configuration, presumably we're learning how to define configuration options, like volumes, secrets and configmaps.

The slide immediately after 'using configmaps' is 'Deployment Configuration Status'

And it says 'The Status output is generated when the information is requested'

why is this slide in this location? What command was run to request 'status'?

I think this slide is in the wrong location and needs to come later, somewhere after "Scaling and Rolling Updates"

and I don't off-hand see a slide in the deployment configuration section that indicates what command was actually executed to get the status in which the number of availableReplicas is displayed.

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