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greetings and questions

LorenzoDlcLorenzoDlc Posts: 2
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Hi all,
first of all I wish to introduce myself. My name is Lorenzo and I just enrolled to LFS201 course which I found very well done and organized.

I have a question. Does anyone who has already done and passed the exam, used any other books with theory and exercises, in order to be better prepared for the exam itself? Maybe the once for LPIC Certification? or Comptia?
I am asking this, because, as I will have time to dedicate to this course, I will try to do my best to pass the exam
If so, could you please share book title?

In addition I wrote that the exam will be in a "specific" environment. Will it be possible to use it in advance in order to practice using it?

I wish to thank you



  • coopcoop Posts: 339

    You have a choice of taking the exam on CentOS or Ubuntu on a virtual machine in the cloud. As far as exam prep goes please look at the linux foundation certification page which has helpful guides and lists of resources. We do not prepare these or design them with reference to the training as the certification and training staffs are separated by a firewall.

  • @ coop Thanks for your answer

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