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LAB 4.2 may break k8s cluster if you try to use more resources for the stress app


If you ask the stress app to consume exactly the same amount of resources as your master - should be allowed to be scheduled workload on it - node has, it will break the cluster.

Maybe OOM killer or someone else kills the api.

Final state of this experiment is no api server running on my master node

Is it desired state/behavior of k8s cluster ?


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Indeed. If you use the stress tool to stress your nodes more than the resources they provide you will have issues. The exact nature of the issue depends on what resource you are consuming and if on a master or worker node. There are many variables involved in what could have happened, including if the stress tool continues to run and prevents pods from restarting.

  • chrispokorni

    This behavior is expected particularly on single-node clusters (Minikube) or multi-node clusters where the master node shares cluster workload as well (cluster setup in our lab exercises).



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