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Every distro is corrupting my hard drive

copperly Posts: 2

So I've been having an issue with hard drive corruption on my laptop for a very long time. Recently it has been that every single distro, ranging from Ubuntu to solus to fedora, has been rendered unusable by hard drive corruption. I got some advice from someone who works in IT about it and they thought the issue was that my ram was getting corrupted when I suspend and then written to disk, but disabling suspend did not help. My laptop is a Lenovo ideapad-15abr. I've done smart tests on my hard drive, and everything comes up as ok. I'm not sure what to do at this point, because in another week my current distro, pop_os, is going to be corrupted. I will be happy to provide any additional information if needed. I am attaching screenshots for the gnome disks info for my hard drive and the smart test results.


  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71

    Is that statistic correct that it's been up and running for nearly 4 months? Do you have a routine that will flush cache and sync everything up?

  • copperly
    copperly Posts: 2

    No, since it's my laptop I turn it off and on a lot. I don't know why it thinks that I keep it on for so long.

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    mcafee01 Posts: 1

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