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Network tokens


student@ubuntu:~$ sudo kubeadm token list
failed to load admin kubeconfig: open /home/student/.kube/config: no such file or directory

Is this back to not understanding basics? The config does not exist. Best I can tell that file is created when you run the init command. For the second server you do not need to run that, per the instructions. (unless it was missed). I see when creating hte master node the file existed and it was copied. But so far for the worker node I do no see how it is created.


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Read the step closely. Some commands are on the master, some on the worker node. The prompt will help you figure out which to be on.


  • prenticect
    prenticect Posts: 21

    Thank you (again) I was paying close attention yet I now see what I was missing while looking directly at it.


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