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"install" to USB stick (LM 19.1)

I've "installed" (not live) LM19.1 onto a PNY 16Gb (2.0) pendrive. It takes up to 5(+) mins. to fully boot up. Then it has constant lags and minor freezes. After installing the latest Opera browser there's been no improvement.(not saying Opera should improve the situation) I've run "updates"/"upgrades"...even GRand Unified ver.2. I'm wondering if there's an inherent problem running LM from a pendrive. I ask this because I had "persistence" issues w/ 18.3 that were never solved. Well, I don't have the persistence problems w/ 19.1, yet the lagging and random "freezing" just about make it impossible to implement the O.S. or browser . When I tried to run "update' from update mngr, it took almost 1/2 hr. to install 6 updates. Wondering if anyone has had these issues and if so, have you been able overcome them? Would love some advice on how to get 19.1 running properly from a pendrive. I have been all over the "net" before posting here.



  • jake19jake19 Posts: 1

    You may want to check any of your many (as in, dozens) of other threads on other forums, where your problems were explained to you in explicit detail. They all center around slow usb and a botched installation but you only seem to want to yell at those who tell you this. You are trying to run Mint in a manner it wasn't designed to run in, on slow hardware, and that usb stick is old as well. You've more than likely have alot of bad cells on the stick, but want to ignore that as well. If you dont want to listen there isn't a lot of reason to ask.

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