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"install" to USB stick (LM 19.1)

I've "installed" (not live) LM19.1 onto a PNY 16Gb (2.0) pendrive. It takes up to 5(+) mins. to fully boot up. Then it has constant lags and minor freezes. After installing the latest Opera browser there's been no improvement.(not saying Opera should improve the situation) I've run "updates"/"upgrades"...even GRand Unified ver.2. I'm wondering if there's an inherent problem running LM from a pendrive. I ask this because I had "persistence" issues w/ 18.3 that were never solved. Well, I don't have the persistence problems w/ 19.1, yet the lagging and random "freezing" just about make it impossible to implement the O.S. or browser . When I tried to run "update' from update mngr, it took almost 1/2 hr. to install 6 updates. Wondering if anyone has had these issues and if so, have you been able overcome them? Would love some advice on how to get 19.1 running properly from a pendrive. I have been all over the "net" before posting here.


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