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Comment on LFS258 8.15.c knowledge check 8.3

The question (which service types spread the packets among Pods in a deployment automatically?) and the possible answers in my view are misleading and incorrect.
The Kubernetes Service regardless of type will act as a load balancer and spread the load among the Pods (ep list), for example for iptables the backend pod will be selected based on SessionAffinity or randomly.
The suggested service type of Load Balancer will load balance across the worker nodes and not directly to the Pods .


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    The LoadBalancer service type is a NodePort plus an async request to an external load balancer. If an external LB is not waiting for the API request then nothing else would happen. As iptables rules are added to every node each of them are capable of routing the traffic to the proper node.


  • segev
    segev Posts: 5

    Thanks for the reply.
    The knowledge question 8.3 is - "Which of the following service types spreads packets among Pods in a deployment automatically?". The first two possible answers are:
    1. NodePort
    2. LoadBalancer

    My understanding is that both of the above types will "spread the load" among the relevant Pods (specified in the endpoints list).
    In that case the knowledge question should allow for both answers to be selected. Currently only one answer can be selected (radio button).


  • rafal.radziejewski
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    edited September 2022

    Even if both can be selected now, still the only Accepted is LoadBalancer which also leads me to question is it really like that ?

    Also the lesson number has changed it's 09. SERVICES


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