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Lab 6.4 YAML snippets are wrong

The two snippets of second.yaml in Lab 6.4 are exactly the same as the initial state of that file from Lab 6.1, without the changes that the instructions suggest should be there in step 2 and 6.

  1. ...Begin by adding two lines for the nginx image and name webserver, as found below...

No lines for an nginx image are shown.

  1. ...Edit the YAML file to comment out the setting of a UID for the entire pod

No commenting out of the pod-level runAsUser is shown (I assume this is what this refers to)

They also don't show any of the changes from 6.1-6.3 (setting service account, mounting volumes for secrets, adding capabilities).


  • EitanSuez
    EitanSuez Posts: 8
    edited January 2019

    yep, i'm seeing the same issues!

  • i was able to get this section to work using this yaml for second.yml:

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Pod
      name: secondapp
        runAsUser: 1000
      - image: busybox
        name: secondapp
        - sleep
        - "3600"
          runAsUser: 2000
          allowPrivilegeEscalation: false
        name: busy
      - image: nginx:latest
        name: webserver
  • What I found to work best is to follow the instructions at every step, and not to necessarily rely on the yaml snippets.

  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    Yes, it seems the same source file was inserted into the document instead of a before and after, showing the edits. I will update the source and it will be included when the course next updates.

    Thank you for letting us know.



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