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Possible wrong assumption in LFD259 lab handbook

matthyxmatthyx Posts: 1
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I am currently training for the CKAD, and have read the following in the lab handbook:

Where the readinessProbe is checked prior to being ready, then not again, the livenessProbe continues to be checked.

This is wrong as far as I know... normally both probes are always checked, but the action taken when they fail is different.
Could you reach the writer and make sure this is correct?



  • Experienced the same. readinessProbe status changed back from pass to fail later through the container's lifetime during my tests.

  • Hi @FaridSaad,

    Throughout Lab Exercise 3.3 the readinessProbes are expected to fail every time a Deployment is created. More precisely, the readinessProbes of the try1 deployment (from simpleapp.yaml) are supposed to fail at steps 2,3,4 and pass at steps 5,6,7,8. Then again readinessProbes fail at steps 10,11 (as the deployment has been re-created) and pass at steps 12,13.

    Did you experience other probe failures?


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