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Is the Openstack setup needs to install everyday?


Hi Mates,
I have recently bought this course, Every day I am doing practice for 2 hours. I observed that lab is getting delayed every day, that means every day we need to install OpenStack? if that is the case it is very annoying as needs to do same thing every day and need to spend valuable time on for installation only.

Please suggest me how to preserve the existing lab setup.


  • sreemanthena

    Mates, please some one reply to me.

  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    Which lab are you trying to do? If you are doing lab 2 or lab 8, which are the install labs, then yes. Each time you restart the lab you would need to install OpenStack again. If you were to select a different lab, like lab 3-2, you would have a pre-configured environment ready for you. Each of the labs has a link with the prior OpenStack configuration ready.


  • sreemanthena

    Ty for your reply.


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