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Not opening Horizon BUI


It seems the labs are not getting set up properly. Before i saw the 'configuring openstack' step used to take some time. Now within few seconds of Lab launch, i see message like below. But i dont see any processes and also Horizon gives message like below:

Connecting to Port 80
We're currently trying to connect to a HTTP service running on 80. Services can sometimes take a few moments to start, even upto five minutes.

ubuntu@devstack-cc:~$ sleep 3; /opt/launch.sh
Starting OpenStack
OpenStack started
Configuring OpenStack
OpenStack configured
ubuntu@devstack-cc:~$ ^C

ubuntu@devstack-cc:~$ ps -ef |grep nova
ubuntu 13374 13204 0 10:14 pts/3 00:00:00 grep --color=auto nova




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