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lab 3.1. Cannot open network namespace... No such file or directory

The sequence below don't seem to work. I've verified the UUID of the router. What I don't understand, is I can't ping the allocated IP, the instance is not reachable, so how would an ssh work?

ubuntu@devstack-cc:~/devstack$ sudo ip netns list
ubuntu@devstack-cc:~/devstack$ sudo ip netns exec \ qrouter-c104d6f6-068e-46bf-b768-6ded0c6d015b \ ssh [email protected]
Cannot open network namespace " qrouter-c104d6f6-068e-46bf-b768-6ded0c6d015b": No such file or directory


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    When you type a command as one long line you do not use the backslash ( \ ), but there are two on the command you typed. The backslash is used for line continuation and has special meaning when parsed by the shell.

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  • Thanks Tim,
    I'm just following the instructions on the documentation where it is noted that dark blue, is text to be typed at the command line and I thought the / meant to be part of this command.
    Anyway I am good for now.


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