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Lab 8.1 only gives a blank white frame, no terminal


Since a couple of days, Lab 8.1 only gives me a blank frame instead of the terminal window with the command prompt. This is after clicking the "Terminal-SHELL" icon.
This is when the environment is ready:

This is after clicking the icon:

Lab 4.1 works fine under the same environment.

This happens on Chrome under Linux (4 times, different days, reproducible); under IE in Windows it stays in "preparing" forever (tried once).

Thanks for your help

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  • eddgest
    eddgest Posts: 5
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    I found a simple solution to the problem by chance: re-sizing the window (full-screen -> window -> full-screen) does the trick and will display the content of the blank frame.


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Thank you for letting us know. I will pass along your issue to the infrastructure team.


  • eddgest
    eddgest Posts: 5

    I noticed today that - after a colleague reported that it is working for him: It works with Chrome under Windows. It doesn't work with Chrome on my Ubuntu 16.04.
    Note that this seems to affect this lab only. Lab 4.1 works under Linux with Chrome.

    However, it is still awkward to start a Windows VM for this...


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