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Is Mac system works for this course ?

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Hi , I have just started this course. Does Mac Book Pro system ok for this course ? I dont want to use Google Cloud or AWS for cost reasons.



  • serewicz
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    Yes, you can deploy virtual machines using various software on the Mac and then run a couple of Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machines.  Both VirtualBox and VMWare should be viable options.  There i

    One tidbit is to ensure that the VMs can see each other, and the outside world. In my own experience using VirtualBox there are default settings which block some traffic and lead to problems deploying the nodes. Once I opened everything up the labs worked.



  • chrispokorni
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    Hi, I had a similar concern about costs with the cloud providers, mostly because by the time I started this course my 1 year free trial has ended on my first Google Cloud account. However, by creating a second Google Cloud account with a different email address, I was able to get another 1 year free trial period (regardless of the same name, same address, and same credit card used). 

    In order to manage my "costs" against the free credit provided by Google Cloud, I made sure to stop all my VM instances when they were not in use. Although a few times I forgot to do so and I left them running over-night, I never exceeded my free credit limit, and my credit card was never billed.

    I did try some labs on VirtualBox, and as pointed out by @serewicz, I had to make sure that all traffic was enabled to the outside world and between the VM instances. However, I favor the cloud over local VMs because the cloud instances are much easier to manage than local VMs.

    Good luck!



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