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Virtualization issue

Naniki Posts: 1
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Hello. I have an old kernel where all stuff if working okay. I tried like 4 different new kernels and I have same problem at all.

When I just PC and log in LightDM, i get to desktop for 1 second and then I get kicked to LightDM back, after I login one more time it's all okay and I enjoy it. But I have issues with KVM and VirtualBox.

I can run KVM and start machines but when I open them I get kicked back to LightDM, if I log in back I get kicked again. If I login one more time all my running applications are closed except running Virtual Machine(it's running but it's not opened, if I try to open it I get kicked again).

Using Virtualbox, I can run and open Virtual Machines but after few time (2-10min) I get kicked as well. When I login back Virtual Machine is turned off


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