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Linux VPS Hosting UNIX and Linux are the predominant platforms for serving web applications. According to data from https://nextpointhost.com/linux-vps-hosting 67% of the top one million web sites are served by either Linux or FreeBSD. Above the OS level, open-source web server software commands more than 80% of the market. At scale, web applications do not run on a single system. Instead, a collection of software components distributed through a meshwork of systems cooperate to answer requests as quickly and as flexibly as possible. Each piece of this architecture must be resilient to server failures, load spikes, network partitions, and targeted attacks. Cloud infrastructure helps address these needs. Its ability to provision capacity quickly in response to demand is an ideal match for the sudden and sometimes unexpected tidal waves of users that materialize on the web. In addition, cloud providers’ add-on services include a variety of convenient recipes that meet common require


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