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CKA exam question without crossing the line hopefully..

ChrisMeyer Posts: 2
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I understand that there are strict guidelines around what can be disclosed about the content of the CKA exam, and I'm aware of the overview of kubernetes topics it covers.  But I'm curious as to how much linux admin knowledge is needed.  i.e. systemd, cgroups, things of that nature..  I'm certainly comfortable doing a lot of things in the bash shell, but I don't consider myself guru by any means.  I totally get it, if this can't be disclosed, but it never hurts to ask.


  • serewicz
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    It is difficult because once anything on the exam becomes a topic of discussion it can be difficult to find the proper border to what can or cannot be discussed. Best to not start and accidently cross a line.

    When you run through the labs, did you find any issues with the command line? Editing files? Exploring around config files and processes?  The more system administration knowledge you have the better, but a dividing line is difficult to explain. 



  • ChrisMeyer

    No, I didn't have any problems with the labs.  I was really just after some kind of level of competence.  Something like the official CKA overview of what could be covered.  But I totally understand your point of not discussing something the shouldn't be acidentally.  Thanks

  • sdalziel
    sdalziel Posts: 17

    Hi Chris,

    When it comes to Linux system administration (I have not challenged the exam [28-June-2018], yet) I would recommend the more you know about where to look for issues (logs, netstat, the network stack) outside of what K8s provides for logging (which we learned is not a lot).

    Also being able to quickly fix problems, like using sed to edit a file instead of vim which would have more steps, Using grep to look for the setting or value instead of reading through the standard output. These are things which would move you through the exam and save you time.

    Every tip I can give you that is not "know Kubernetes' and how to troubleshoot it is to speed up how fast you can write the exam. Also, make sure your computer will work during the exam. I challenged the Linux Administrator exam a few years ago and had to switch computers half-way through the exam.

    I hope my advice helps you and best of luck in challenging the exam.




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