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Lab 4.1

ibrahimbluleibrahimblule Posts: 3
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some steps are not clear :

3. Notice that the Update Image button remains grayed out. Select the link for Metadata in the upper left corner. Remove the top of the Existing Metadata, then select Update Image.

is this means to remove all exisiting list ?

when i tried to launce instance using created image , i couldnt find Networks to select private ..

Instance Name: golden Source: Image Allocated: dev-snap1 Flavor: m1.tiny Networks: Private

please your advice


  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 393
    edited April 6


    Yes, there is currently a feature which required something to change with the metadata in order for the GUI to allow saving. Remove one item, the top item for example. No need to remove everything.  

    As far as the networks, that is most likely due to the project permissions, not the metadata of that object. The private network is not a generally accessable network as public is, for example.



  • thanks so much serewicz,

    so you mean i need to delete only the first item in existing records , am i right ?

    regarding the network , how to fix this issue and complete the excercise ?

    please your advice

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 393
    edited April 13


    Yes, just delete the first item and the button to continue should become available to use. 

    As far as the network, are you logged into Horizon as admin and using the demo project, not the alt_demo?


  • Hello

    When I was done with the above steps (lab 4.1 from step 1 to step 5),  the newly created image dev-snap1 did not show for Allocated field. Only the cirros one was there. Please advise.


  • jakubkjakubk Posts: 2

    Hi Yousif,

    Did you try to change the "Select Boot Source" to Instance Snapshoot? In my case just then the newly created "image" appears.

    @selewicz: Is there a way to convert an image from the "instance snapshoot" into a simple "image" without downloading and then uploading it back to the OpenStack?

    Best regards,


  • Encrypted volume has been created without any issue but when trying to attach it to server instance golden or any otherserver image like DevOs3 then its showing attaching but not atatched and volume become come under  available state and not atatched to server instance, does any one have any inputs on this where/what is the issue please

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 393
    edited June 6


    I've been seeing a similar issue. I am working on steps to investigate the issue and a fix and hope to report a solution shortly.  From what I can tell it is the interaction with Barbican which may be not quite where it should be. Once I figure out the actual issue and fix, I'll know more. But that is what it looks like at the moment.



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