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How to do these steps

VikasGa Posts: 5
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Run end-to-end tests on your cluster.

Analyse end-to-end tests results.

Run Node end-to-end tests.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,012

    Hi, I did not know how to approach these tasks either. Then I searched through the kubernetes.io documentation and on google and I found some good ingormation on how to validate nodes and clusters.

    Good luck!


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000
    edited March 2018


    As Chris mentioned much can be found by searching. I searched for the first item you mentioned and found this URL:



  • VikasGa
    VikasGa Posts: 5
    edited March 2018


    Before posting it here,i searched juju is used for openstack.I needed for Kubernetes bare metal cluster validation.



  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Hello Vikas,

    If you read the page I mentioned it covers several different ways to test Kubernetes. JuJu is used to test kubernetes in the examples give, and it also could be used for OpenStack. JuJu is Canonical's version of automation tool like puppet, saltstack or ansible. 

    Also on that page it explains that JuJu is used as an easy method ofr testing, but contains details of what JuJu does, as far as e2e testings via a link here:  https://github.com/kubernetes/community/blob/master/contributors/devel/e2e-tests.md#kinds-of-tests  



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