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Scheduling, multiple schedulers, manual scheduling

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Multiple Schedulers

On the CKA exam there's a question, "Understand how to run multiple schedulers and how to configure Pods to use them".

On the material, in chapter 11.3, it includes "Understand how to run multiple schedulers."

However on 11.17, it says "programming a custom scheduler is ourside the scope of this course."

Am I understanding correctly, that I'll be able to answer the question at the exam, with the knowledge from 11.8, pod spec, "Each pod could then include a schedulerName to choose which scheduler to use."?

I don't feel very well equipped to "run multiple schedulers", but I've also only completed the "old" material, and have just glossed over the new, so please let me know if I've overlooked where this is taught specifically.

Manual Scheduling

There's also a question about Manually scheduling a pod without a scheduler. Is this to be understood like, being able to schedule a pod using affinities, nodeSelectors and labels? - apologies if this question is more exam- than course-related, but the course is supposed to be preparation for the exam.

Thank you.


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    As you may know anyone who takes the exam is bound by a confidentiality clause not to discuss what may or may not be on the exam, in any way. As well the course was not designed as dedicated exam prep. There may be bullet points on the CKA domain list which are not directly referenced or answered.

    The CKA curriculum V 1.9.0 PDF has these two bullet points for scheduling:

    •     Understand how to run multiple schedulers and how to configure Pods to use them.

            It does not say write the code for a custom scheduler, which is a developer task and outside the scope of the course and the exam. The course mentions that multiple schedulers can run at the same time and that if you don't declare the scheduler a Pod should use, using the schedulerName  parameter, the default scheduler is used.

    •     Manually schedule a pod without a scheduler.

            YAML files in /etc/kubernetes/manifests/  run on the node with the file, thus avoid the scheduler. We look at YAML files in this directory in the course.



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