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LFS258 - Looking for Kubernetes installation help on Windows system

jputh2018 Posts: 7
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This is regarding the course : LFS258 Kubernetes Fundamentals.


I need a help to get configure this to windows system.

My windows system is Windows 7 and 12 GB RAM. 100 GB harddisk space.


I am trying to use with  VMware-workstation latest version and it support for Kubernetes.


could you please help me some guidelines to Setting up kubernetes cluster in VMware workstation ?


Awaiting for your fasten reply


Thank you



  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Hello Juliet,

    You will need two Linux VMs in order to run through the course exercises. You may want to search the internet for instructional videos on how to do so.   As well there is an assumption you are familiar with the command line and would be able to install any missing software, should it be necessary depending on how you install your VMs.



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