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Is the course enough for the CKA

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Hello everyone,

I am just starting my course,  LFS258 , and I wonder if this is enough knowlege to get the CKA certification ??!

I've been reading and doing some laboratories tough...

Many Thanks



  • serewicz
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    Having taken the exam I would say the course is a very good start toward certification. The course is not dedicated to the exam. If you are knowledgeable and experienced as a Kubernetes admin you will have a good chance of passing. It is 100% practical, so you will need to know and be quick to preform administrative tasks.

    I would encourage you to write out and practice each of the steps listed in the CNCF guide, as the allotted exam time goes by very fast. I would say if you can complete each bullet point without having to look up the steps, and can check your own work you are in a good place.  



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