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The introductory module says that we'll be using minikube for the lab exercises, however, some of the chapter 4 labs walk through how to install a cluster from scratch.  Another walks through creating a cloud LB which would only work if you had the necessary IAM permissions.  Should we expect to know how to install a cluster from scratch for the certification test?  I haven't had a chance to look through the rest of the labs yet, but I'm curious how many of them assume you're working on a multi-node cluster rather than minikube.



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    The course is in the process of being updated, with the labs being completed first. The chapter content will be rolled out soon.  In the new version the labs and course will use kubeadm to install on multiple nodes and run on a variety of equipment to be closer to a production environment. Its a complete overhaul to include persistant storage, networking, security and HA considerations one would need to work with the product as an admin (and get a good start toward passing the CKA exam, too)



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    Ok.  Thanks.  The labs for module 4 don't really correspond to the material in the module.  For example, it introduces pod contraints without really explaining that concept in the modfule.  Lab 4.5 does the same with namespaces.  I wonder if I should wait until the content is updated before taking the rest of the class.  I was hoping to take the exam next month, but if the class content doesn't reflect that'll be on the exam, perhaps I should wait. 



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