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Ubuntu based Mint 9 possible bugs

Vandal Posts: 17

Hi All,

I am totally new to Linux, after a long time with windows and like 2-3 years with Mac OS... and I have to say that I like the idea of open source that I am starting to care to participate after 10 days.

I used Mint 9 as the first thing I found on the list and it was new release, and the voting was good almost like the Ubuntu, and this is why I chose it.

I then heard that Ubuntu is much better and I have to use it and not to waste my time on the Mint.

Anyway, trying to download the Ubuntu on Mint using torrents (transmission and vuse) was not working, direct downloading from mirrors did not work, I had to download it at the end at my office using Windows, and I did...

I don't know, should I doubt my internet connection at home? I have downloaded Mind and Debian before using XP.

Should I doubt Mint?

Did anyone face a similar thing?

Any sort of advice to keep Mint or to move to Ubuntu?


  • Jinux
    Jinux Posts: 20
    Mint is based on Ubuntu and is far superior. Ubuntu has so many little niggles that the Clem and his team work hard to sort out. If Ubuntu is the rock, Mint is the diamond!

    With regards to your internet, browsing works I take it? What actually happens when downloading the ISO "doesn't work"? It could be any number of issues.
  • Vandal
    Vandal Posts: 17
    Well what happened and made me think it's download was to complete the download then write the iso to the CD using Mint, but when I load the CD after that, the CD icon disappears, and it's not reading the CD, I tried to boot from the CD and I could not (This happened in both cased CD and DVD), then the last time it happened to download only 540 Mb out of 680 Mb with no error messages from firefox... I wrote this file to the CD and I could browse the CD, and saw the files but when I tried to boot it did not work...

    the only time it worked is when I used windows to download and to write the iso to the cd...
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I have never used Mint but have head many people speak well about it, on the flip side I occasionally use Ubuntu and give it to new users because of the commercial entity that is backing it. but the most important thing is to use the best tool for the job, if you are liking your experience with Mint then by all means keep it, if you find issues and would like to look around for another option then you can checkout ubuntu or other distros.

    It sounds like the iso image you burned may have been corrupt or the burned disk may have been corrupt. Whenever you download an iso confirm the md5sum and when you write the disk you need to use the verify option to confirm that the image was written correctly. As for the download size issue, your ISP may be blocking torrent downloads and within firefox it may have lost the connection during the transmission. I use "wget -c {file to be downloaded}" in the terminal to download all files because it has the option to continue from the last download point if for any reason the download failed.
  • Vandal
    Vandal Posts: 17
    U r really right, I love the Mint, and I loved Unubtu's live CD, Debian looks like a monster for me, but sounds like a good boy that will never complain and will never ask for reinstall and will do what u want at any time...

    and yeah I heard about this tool called "md5sum" but it was in the first 30 min of using Linux, so surely I forgot about it as it was a small detail...

    thanks a lot for the nonstop help..
  • MikeEnIke
    I'd just like to add that Mint really is awesome. It really works on some of the Ubuntu issues while being completely usable. Go mint.


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