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2017-12-15 version Lab 3.4 problems


1) Lab 3.4 does not seem to be accessable via the link on 3.18.d, but it is acessable via the link on 3.1.d

2) The lab itself does not seem to be configured correctly.  Logging in via the BUI as admin and going to Admin -> Compute -> Instances (as Admin -> System -> Instances does not exist) showed that both running instances were on the devstack node.

I used the command line 'openstack hypervisor list' on the devstack node as a first step, but it didn't see the compute-node.  I SSH'd onto the compute-node without problem, but I got a message saying the following on login:

*** System restart required ***

I checked via command line anyway, and still didn't see the compute-node listed.

It does seem to be a bit silly that the lab doesn't match what was expected to do the primary task of the lab.


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Thank you for reporting this error. The script at fault in an earlier lab is part of this lab deployment. When that is fixed the compute-node should be seen via the openstack hypervisor list command.

    I will investigate the other issues you mentioned and return an answer as soon as possible.



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