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lab 10.2.7 - "nova image-list" no longer returns results

phiney Posts: 18

[root@rdo-cc ~(keystone_admin)]# nova image-list WARNING: Command image-list is deprecated and will be removed after Nova 15.0.0 is released. Use python-glanceclient or openstackclient instead. ERROR (VersionNotFoundForAPIMethod): API version 'API Version Major: 2, Minor: 37' is not supported on 'list' method. [root@rdo-cc ~(keystone_admin)]# openstack image list +--------------------------------------+--------+--------+ | ID | Name | Status | +--------------------------------------+--------+--------+ | 09b92efc-6567-4e07-b9af-24cc6bc85f85 | cirros | active | +--------------------------------------+--------+--------+

Why did i pay lots of money to be picking up this for you. I want a discount.



  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000
    edited May 2017

    Open source software is different then single vendor software, in more ways than not having vendor-lock.  Instead of one company there are thousands of folks working on their own parts and updating as necessary. I will test and update the errata page. 

    Thank  you for your thoughtful feedback.



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