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Lab environment - A long time to be ready...


is it normal to wait around 1 hour to have the Lab environment?

I'm trying  to run the Lab 8.1 without sucess. I'm using Chrome, I'm trying to clear the all browsing data....and nothing.






  • neghtedari
    neghtedari Posts: 12
    edited September 2016

    I started another topic " unstable Lab environment" and mentioned this issue as well, I experience the same problem in terms of waiting.

    In the past, not only I had to wait, the Lab kept resetting itself as if I pressed "Start Over" but it seems that they fixed that glitch last week.

    for the waiting part, it is the same, for new labs, you got to wait it seems....

  • Robson Esteves
    Robson Esteves Posts: 20
    edited September 2016

    OK, neghtedari

    Thanks for your comments.


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000
    edited September 2016

    There have been some issues with labs spinning up. I understand updates have been rolled out to fix the back-end issue. If you continue to have delays over 30 minutes please let us know.

  • Serewicz,

    It seems ok now. Thanks!




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