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Problems getting to the Horizon GUI


Recent changes in DevStack networking has affected several services. Neutron is now the default network tool instead of Nova. As a result the software definied networking we use in our lab environment does not work properly with the changes to the back end software. We are working on a fix and will report back here as well as update the material once the fix is found and tested.

Thank you.


  • kskalvar
    kskalvar Posts: 10
    edited August 2016

    Thanks, could you please post a notice when you have it working properly?

  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000
    edited August 2016

    DevStack changes. A lot. And not always with advanced warning. If you monitor the various component groups you can keep track of what is going to happen, but it tends to demand a lot of time. As a result it was difficult to know the affect of a change from default Nova networking to Neutron networking would have on your environment.   It will take some time to find a best solution, for the interum period please use a Liberty release of DevStack.

    Replace references (there are a few of them)  to the devstack git repository with this one: 


    Also, please either use the older version of Barbican or remove the reference to its use from the local.conf file by commenting out that line. The end of the local.conf file may look something like this:

    SERVICE_PASSWORD=SERVICE-secret SERVICE_TOKEN=ALongStringUsuallyHere #REMOVED BARBICAN LINE enable_service rabbit mysql key

    There may be several references to the repository, for example when installing the second node. Please use the same branch for each.




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