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I'm a starting from scratch newbie.


I just got started using the Linux distro Ubuntu around the new year. I've only used Ubuntu 14.04 on an old Dell desk top that just gave up the ghost this morning. I'm thinking about building a Linux desktop and don't know where to start. This is what I want to do with my new rig but I'm open to sugestions.

What I like on Ubuntu: Firefox, Amarok music player, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS emulation(Retroarch), LibreOffice Writer.

What I need the computer for: Photo and music Archives and music player(an easy to use file system/mananger for those archives), no lag Gameboy Advance and DS emulation(it's for a project and I will have no other gaming needs on the computer), word processing, web browsing. Future needs will be lite video editing tools for short low production Youtube styled videos.

Any advice on where to start would be helpful.


Mr Amissus




  • saqman2060
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    I like that you know what you want. Your system will work as intended. First, look into CPUs and graphic cards that can handle multitasking, video editing and gameplay. Ubuntu has been used on a lot of AMD platforms, but Linux supports Intel and Nvidia. Most modern Computers will run Linux, but homework still needs to be done.

    When building a custom PC, always check the hardware specs for the operating system in question. Linux has a hardware capability list. Ubuntu has its own recommended spec list, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements

    Ubuntu has an app for all on your list accept for the game advanced and the Nintendo emulator. Never used a console emulator on a PC

  • MrAmissus


    Thank you for the responce. I've been using my local libary but the latest books on Linux are 2006 copyright. I knew I needed a better place to start. Your link is most helpful and I will keep in mind what you said about console emulation on a PC. I will look for an oringal system for game play.

    I will keep Ubuntu as the system os(kernel) for now. I Like the idea of Arch Linux distro but I'll need some more time under my belt before I tackel it.

    Thanks for your help


  • saqman2060
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    Arch Linux is a good choice for learning the bare-bones of a Linux system. It will require some patience as the system will expect the user to do all the heavy lefting, meaning, you will have to build it from the ground up. Not many things are done for you. If you can handle mastering two Linux architects at the same time, more power to you. Keep in mind, every Liunx distro wil require serious effort to learn how the system work though and though. Pick a system and make it your primary one.

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    if you are interested have a look at this video


  • seco
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    choose an easy distro to star with

  • Joe648
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    Have a 7 year old emachine, boots and runs off an 8gig thumb drive. I like the built in partition editor. Very fast no persistance right now cannot save passwords etc, that is a plus for me doing banking. On boot option to instal! I think wndows is a labor and virus trap, don't play dos games. Havn fun!

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    Greetings people. This is a hello and “I’m desperate, more like angry and want to jump to LINUX ASAP.” Horrible way to start a post. Kindly bear with me as I explain. I’m fed up with Microsoft after enduring installation and use of their Windows 10. Let’s leave it at that before I end up breaking forum rules, if I haven’t already.

    OK, I have a brand new build for gaming 17.3” laptop due this Thursday. I don’t game but I do video editing and dabble in animation and some graphics work. I just wanted a machine that had abundant memory, a very good GPU so rendering especially would be quicker. Plus the fact I often jump between 2-3 programs all open at the same time. I’ve decided I’m fed up enough to make a feet first jump into a LINUX platform. Now, I only have marginal knowledge of Mist, uBuntu, and Fedora. And even margin knowledge is pushing it as far as my understanding of them. But I think I know enough to at least suspect that Fedora is probably the best fit for me. However, I’d like the opinion of experienced folks in this forum before I leap into the unknown.

    I know I’m going to get hit in the mouth with learning a completely new OS. I know I’m going to very likely lose the use of a host of Windows based software. Because I don’t want WINE or anything that contaminates my computer with any space dedicated to Windows, a Windows emulator or what have you. I want to go the full mounty. I’m just that fed up.

    Finally, the primary Windows based stuff I use very regularly are as follows:

    Acrobat – Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paintshop Pro X7, MS Word 2007, Powerpoint 2007, WordPerfect X7, iClone 5&6, CrazyTalk (all versions of them), Camtasia Studio 9, SnagIt 13, Hitfilm Pro 4 and sometimes Corel VideoStudio X9. Sure there’s more but these are what I use almost daily. Along with the browsers Firefox and Chrome.

    I’m sure at least some of these can work with LINUX but if not, any advice to alternatives is believe me, WELCOME. I utterly want to de-Windows and never, ever, ever look back. And so I kneel in complete humility and, “Say help me, please.”


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