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"Attempting to connect to the Gate One server..."


I just started the first lab for the course and have seen repeated "Attempting to connect to the Gate One server..." popups.  This has happened twice now.  I had to start over each time.  Still waiting for the lab to be reset after my most recent restart.

I haven't left it inactive for very long - just trying to follow along in the lab instructions.

With broken links, missing instructions, and connection problems all encountered in the first lab, I must say I expected more from a Linux Foundation course - starting to regret spending hundreds of dollars of hard-earned cash from my own pocket on this course.  Hope it gets better...



  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000

    Without more details of the error, and your environment, it is difficult to troubleshoot what may be causing this issue.  Are you using the Chrome browser? What OS and version are you using on your local system? The general steps I would follow to fix the problem:

    1. Enable third-party cookies, if it is disabled. The cookie is important for the session to continue.

    2. Use a different browser.

    3. If you have connecting via a proxy, make sure all traffic is being allowed.

    4. Updated a firewall to allow necessary traffic to/from the lab environment.

    5. If proxy and firewall change is not possible, use a different network.

    If these steps don't fix the issue please let us know so we can further investigate the issue.


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