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Hello all I am looking for some insight and help in this matter. I have been playing around with Linux in various flavors for a few years off and on, mostly Ubuntu based ones. With the recent issues with Windows 10 and its data unsecurity and pretty much open spying I am on the fence about moving to a new OS. I've downloaded and installed a few different versions onto my laptop and I have to say that I can not find a home in any of these. I have used Windows for many years, started on version 3.0 and have used every version since. Windows just works and has any software needed for any situation, however im not inclined to share my life with the world. I have tried Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Mint 17.3, Elementary OS Freya, Zorin 11, Pinguy 15.xx just to name a few and all just fall short of the experience. The fonts are not as sharp or clean as Windows is, the interface is just lacking to me and doing simple things seems overly complicatied. Ive use pc's for over 20 years and I couldnt even find out what CPU I had, and finding anything on the hard drive, good night. 

     Also installing software is a bit on the snippy side. it seems if its something that is in the OS's default PPA its not too bad but if that or any other PPA isnt maintained perfectly, things start breaking fast. It took me over 30 minutes to install Chrome on Elementary OS, kept getting a 32 bit deb error, thing is i was trying to install a 64 bit version of chrome on a 64 bit versions of E-OS. Ended up finding the .deb file from a google search. Also my laptop has a Nvidia nvs 160 GPU in it, that for some reason when I installed the closed drivers from Nvidia causes E-OS to crap its self and die. Constant freezing and force rebooting. I tried Ubuntu but that damn Unity runs like crap and I hate it, Cant find a damn thing in there. 

     I really want to move away from windows and I am so on the foot of just sucking it up and buying a Mac but I really hate paying that kind of money for a pc that i cant even game on. Is there anything out there that just works in the linux community, something that is stable, supports the hardware most people have like my notebook, Dell Latitude 6400 Intel core 2 duo 2.5 4 gb ram nvidia nvs 160 I am looking for something that is clean, fast, usable, has a clear UI with sharp, crisp fonts that dont look like something from the snes. Has a great user experience and makes it intuitive for new users to find their files and install software without being a Network Engineer. 

I have stuck to buntu variant cause I know how to use them, tried to use OpenSuse and well that was just a disaster in and of its self, same with Fedora, I want usabilty not some open source only OS, I dont mind buying software, I just want it to work and not have to spend days getting there for the first set of updates to kill it (Microsoft<----Calling you out here)


Thanks Kindly 




  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71

    Ok - so with that statement, you are wrong. Otherwise, you wouldn't be looking for a new OS. Windows doesn't just work. It gets viruses, it does the BSOD, it updates your machine and turns it into a brick.

    I haven't had any issues with Zorn or Mint running on any of the half dozen or so machines that I've installed it on, including laptops and desktops. The graphics are getting better all the time and the productivity and applications available are endless. I did have to install a third party driver for a wireless card on one laptop, but following the instructions given for this was easy. Places like this site make learning , maintaining and improving easy.

    Try Zorin and see how it works for you. It has a feature that lets you change to look to XP or even OS X.. see how you like those. I don't like Unity either, that's why I chose other desktops. Something that you CAN'T do with Windows. With Windows, you get Windows.. and all the baggage that comes with it.

    And another statement that struck a cord with me with your post, that Windows has any software needed. Yes, if you want to shell out the money to buy Office or Visio or MS Money ,etc.......

    Good luck -


  • kyoten3
    kyoten3 Posts: 2

    Well dday35216 you.... are not wrong. Yes Windows has a nasty habit of making decisions for you with little to no input from the user, forces its updates whether you want them or not (Windows 10 only) and sends every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the planet your personal info. When I said windows just works, i meant as far as doing things. Want to run a game, just install and play it (provided your hardware is sufficient), need video editing software, there is a metric ton of them and some are even free (though limited and usually nagging you to buy them). I have used mint more then any linux out there as it was my OS of choice when I worked for a local Staples. I used to on my work laptop with no problems at all, Mind you this was before cinnamon was released. I tried that DE on my notebook and it did not play well with my video card for some reason, start having issues with the DE crashing/freezing similar to Elementary OS, seems ok if i run in the xorg free driver but if i want any 3d support (and I do) when i install the driver from nvidia, problems start popping up.

    I guess the saying "Old habits die hard" applies here, there are elements of windows that just cant be copied, such as the look of the environment, the text is just slightly out of alignment to be sharp and Libre or Open office cant open my work files quite right, something is always messed up in the Excel files and Word files with advanced formatting usually end up looking like symbols and spades. Keeping windows for work is not an issue so that doesnt really affect me, still would be nice...perhaps in the future. 

    The pros of Winows 10 dont out weigh the cons to me, so thats why I am looking at changing, I was and still am a fan of Windows 7 but its days are numbered in more then one way. Read a PC magazine article yesterday detailing how the next batch of Intel cpus past Skylake will be windows 10 only, meaning support for 7/8.1 is gone for new systems. Im sick of how MS acts, they majorly overcharge for their OS and this whole "free Windows 10" im not buying it. MS doesnt do anything for free so where is the catch 22. I know they data mine you, report back everything you do and sell it to ad companies, but who knows what else is going on in there. I have decided to turn from Windows to something more adult and secure.

    Any suggestions out there for a simple, clean, fast, good looking linux that isnt overly complicated would be much appreciated. I have Zorin 11 downloading now and will try it out tonight

  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71

    I think you'll like Zorin --

    Respond back after you try it out and let us know what you think. And the latest update from LibreOffice (5.1 I think) is almost perfect on reading Office files.


  • lostinspace
    lostinspace Posts: 1
    edited June 2016

    Why not try luninuxos, a great looking ubuntu/debian based distro. I use it as my main os and love it.


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