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Linux noob like GUI

Ok I have used Ubunto a couple of times thought it was ok but nothing to compare it to. So what I'm asking is I want a frew live Linux preferable with a GUI. I would like if the live can later be installed permintly. Just want to know what I should test drive.


  • Here are my recommendations:

    Tryout Linux Mint 10 and Zorin OS 4. You will love both of them.
  • One of the things that can frustrate newbies is the sheer number of choices that Linux offers, including the choice of a GUI! There are four popular ones that people choose based on two factors:

    1. - What they're accustomed to and like, and

    2. - whether their computer can handle a "heavyweight" GUI or if it's an older machine with lower memory that needs a "lightweight" GUI.

    The "heavyweights" are Gnome and KDE. Both are superb, powerful, and have lots of amazing features and all the fun bells and whistles of Windows 7 or Mac.

    The "lightweights" are Xfce and LXDE. LXDE is ultralight, and kinda sorta "Windows 98-ish," according to my big brother who used it on an ancient old machine that ran super fast on it! On my modest hardware, Xfce (to me it's like "Gnome Lite") is both quick like LXDE but modern and full-featured like Gnome.

    Most of the big and popular Linux distributions offer "versions" or "editions" of their OS in each of these GUIs, and even have a few more!

    Gnome is "Mac-ish," KDE is "Windowsy," LXDE is "Win-98ish," and Xfce is "Windows XPish" in my opinion. I hope that helps a little... remember the two factors! What you want, and what your hardware can handle.

  • Those are very good comparisons of the linux window managers.
  • saqman2060 wrote:
    Those are very good comparisons of the linux window managers.

    Oh, LOL, far be it from a kid to correct a grownup but I just had to laugh when refered to the major desktop environments as "window managers." Actually the desktop environments have and use their own window managers... and some window managers are so cool they can almost replace a desktop environment! Check out screenshots from some Crunchbang users who use no desktop environment at all, but just the Openbox window manager. Yet the screenshots look like they were taken on a tricked-out Gnome desktop!

    If a computer is really old and doesn't have the RAM for even a "lightweight" desktop environment, one can use just a window manager like Openbox or Awesome and still have a way-cool GUI!

    I don't recommend it for newcomers to Linux though.... and this being the "New to Linux" subforum, I wasn't going to even mention window managers... but since you did, :laugh: ...

  • Actually, you didn't correct me. I use the term "window managers" out of content to represent the Linux GUI. I know the technicals behind window managers and desktop environments, though I just like to give them all one name. I was getting lazy...lol
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