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How to create a kb driver for my C Kernel?

I was wondering if someone could tell/help me write a kb driver for my kernel? I know that there are tutorials out there (lots and lots of 'em), but I prefer being able to ask questions and getting walked through by a human, differently than a tutorial can (even if it's written by a human). Not to mention, i'm sure there's more I need to initialize before a keyboard driver(?)

Please don't remind me of the rules about posting something that's already been answered, or is in a tutorial (reasons explained above). Does the driver have to be a module?


  • okay, so maybe someone could suggest a tutorial?
  • mfillpot
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    I have no background in kernel development so there is little I can recommend. If you would like you can visit our sister site, the Linux Developer Network, at http://ldn.linuxfoundation.org/forums/linux-development-forum and ask them fro guidance.
  • thanks
  • it says i cannot post new forum topics/posts. Should I create a new account instead of using LDAP?
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    macaswell wrote:
    it says i cannot post new forum topics/posts. Should I create a new account instead of using LDAP?
    Probably... Also, you might want to look at the current Linux kb driver code. There are a ton of niddling little details you will need to look at in order to do it properly. There is the interrupt handler, I/O processing, transfer of data to user-space, and user-space interfaces to your kernel code.
  • In my opinion, yes. - There is a lot of things that should be initiated/done, before developing the keyboard driver, - or at least if you want to do it properly. You need to provide good and secure functions to transfer data from kernel space to user space, interrupt handling, and some nice functions to do I/O processing :).

    Good luck,
  • All right. Unfortunately, I have to put my kernel on hold because I've accepted an offer for a webmaster position, and I've got high school stuff. Thank you, though. I'll be back to this forum soon.


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