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Vitual Box program in Linux

jhaskins75jhaskins75 Posts: 128

Everything else is running smoothly. I installed Virtual Box version 3.0.8 via the Ubuntu Software C:laugh: enter, after I tried to install the latest version, but found out via a forum reply on virtualbox.org, that you must delete any other older version, for the newer one to install/run. The old is ok, as it shows what must be done in layman terms. My question to you is, I have Windows 7 as well as Ubuntu installed on the same Hard Drive, and if I am interpreting correctly, The virtual setup is requesting to install the OS into it's setup as I would like to know if I must do this, or can I access my present windows 7 without re-installing it for it to be detected. In my file tree, The OS is listed there which has all my windows information and I can see pictures, programs, music, video etc. except documents and settings which I know will not display or run in the Linux environment, as that is why I choose Virtual Technology, hoping this will allow me to access these documents. It gets frustrating shutting down and booting up between to OS Systems.B)


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Welcome back John,
    I really don't fully understand your question, but I believe you are asking if you can access files from a physical partition from within a virtual machine. You can start by reading http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#sharedfolders
  • jhaskins75jhaskins75 Posts: 128
    Sweet Jesus, I really am in over my head. First Virtuosity is completely new to me, but I manage to get it going with my registered copy of Vista, up until the point of aborting operation due to the blue screen of death stating something about hardware conflicts and all.....It was said that I may have to delete the older version of Virtual Box and install the newer one. I removed the old unit, only because it would not let me delete vista, cause it had a screenshot attached. I am going to download the new version and retry. I like the Virtual box program. It is smooth and self explanatory. Win4Lin is a bummer. As for the q3d program..It is under a phyton setup, and it is in my download as a deb, but I copied and pasted your command and it could not find q3d, and I am not going to burn myself trying to get it to install. I do drafting and mechanical layouts, and wanted the program, cause Qcad, which is free and in the software package keeps telling me I can only operate it for 10 minutes, then it shuts down...I will update you on my progress...long night ahead...Thank you, John
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    I think the issues with Vista under virtualbox may have been due to a lack of hardware drivers, those would have been installed with the virtualbox additions. You may want to read the EULA on vista, I read a while back that it is a breach of the EULA to install it in a virtual machine, but you will want to verify that yourself.

    As for the shared folders, it is not as hard as they make it seem, they just documented the process very well to show many ways to implement it. Generally you only need to go to the virtual machine settings and choose your shared folders, then in a windows virtual machine they will show up as new disks on the disk management console. To me the easiest way to implement disk or folder sharing would be to setup your primary machine to share the folders via ftp or samba and let the vm access it through loopback network adapter.
  • jhaskins75jhaskins75 Posts: 128
    I am responding back to you with in my virtual environment. I am somewhat of a master with windows, but I have developed a love affair with Ubuntu, so I had to form a bond to keep both girls happy. I forgot that if you have any devices connected during the install of vista, your asking for trouble. I disconnected everything except networking setup and re-downloaded the new version of Virtual Box, which abrutly stopped, cause it still sensed virtual box ose, as I told you earlier, even though I removed it, the original vista install had a screenshot still attached that would not let me delete it. I just got feed up going back and forth to windows 7, as I said it is in it's expiration mode with the 2 hour shutdown thing. But this is totally wierd. During the installation of vista, the updated version of Virtual Box I tried to install in my host Ubuntu, was now requesting to be installed in windows. Of course I agreed and I could see the reason, as it would mirror Ubuntu while I was in Windows, But I preferr to leave Ubuntu as a stand alone, and keep it as the primary, and vista the secondary OS. After reading the link you gave me, which to me, at the moment, is trying to deciper the dead sea scrolls, I might attemp for the updated virtual box within windows to sense windows 7. But that is another horse in a different race. I am freaking dead on my feet, and I will just drop the driver package for my all in one for vista and call it quits. Talk to you when the rooster wakes me up...John.
  • jhaskins75jhaskins75 Posts: 128
    Here is some good news for you Linux lovers....You told me that Microsoft will one day have to pay attention to Linux, and that day and time is ' NOW '...Click this link and read and smile...http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/hiner/?p=4028&tag=nl.e101

    I finally went to bed a 5 pm struggling to get that freaking printer of mind to be recognized in of all things,," Windows '. Still trying. Me and the Rooster were having coffee together. The Virtual Box is running smoothly. Some tiny glitches, like pointer movement and sound production. Thank God I do not have a 1 TB Drive, I probably put 15 OS's on the virtual Box. I must stop this Madness, and move on in life. I must tweak my brain over these downloads, weather they be debs, cam, bin, whatever. I know they are there, and I need to educate myself in the simple commands to get to them and install them via the terminal. But again, that's another story. I am enjoying my Honeymoon with Ubuntu...Peace Out...John:laugh: :woohoo: B)
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