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Lab 7.1 can't be passed, require some clarification

In lab 7.1 of LFW212 having trouble fully passing the last validation test which should kill the brand service and confirm aggregator returns 500. It works as expected when tested manually, but running node validate.js gives me different sorts of errors almost every time. 2 common ones - status code 200 instead of 500 (running services manually first then running validate.js) and GET http://localhost:3000/1 failed to respond.

It's unclear how exactly it should be passed.
The lab is based on fastify which now includes sensible from the box, whereas the course suggests installing it and configuring it every time.


  • same sentiments, dunno how it should be passed. I manually terminate 1 of the service for the (status code 500) yet it cannot still be passed using the validate.js

  • ⛔️ GET http://localhost:3000/1 must respond 500 when brand service is down, got 200

    Seems like the service failed to terminate it by itself, i wish someone could help me out how to figure this out :(

  • Ok, haha, I've fixed it!

    do not start the boat and brand service :p
    Let the validator do that


  • thanks everyone, I'm adding a note in this exercise to be sure to stop the services


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