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I passed JSNAD yesterday with a score of 89

I passed JSNAD yesterday with a score of 89

This is how I prepared

  • went through study guide + lab exercises 3 times
  • created my own lab exercise variations and also studied official docs
  • read articles
  • maintained a diary where i noted down what parts i am still not fully comfortable and studied them from different sources.

study guide is really good although supplementary reading will definitely helpful.


  • Congrats @dilipagheda!

  • Thank you @gregsheppard

    I found the exam bit easier then i thought!

  • congratulations @dilipagheda that's some strong prep game

  • Thanks @davidmarkclements
    I am onto JSNSD now :smile:

  • good luck!

  • I am about to take the test in a month's time, Are there any pointers you would like to I've to a novice Nodejs developer?

  • xdxmxc
    xdxmxc Posts: 61

    @venkatjandhyala the exam is for intermediate to upper-intermediate (depending on the perception of any given technology culture, how you define skill-level varies, which is why it's somewhere between intermediate and upper-intermediate). If you're a novice, you may need to take the exam a few times - you have one free retake. Make sure you fully absorb the material, and try to not just do the exercises but then create something small (or play in the REPL) based on that knowledge you've acquired. Make sure you're familiar with linux and the terminal, as the exam environment is Linux (with GUI) based. Don't worry if you fail the first time, it's a challenging exam.

    Anyone who passes, even after multiple attempts has achieved something pretty amazing. Both the JSNAD and JSNSD certifications are being increasingly recognized as markers of competence in the industry exactly because of their challenging nature.


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