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Horrific exam experience with examslocal

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I feel that this needs to be mentioned one way or another. My experience with examslocal has been horrific so far. Absolutely abysmal. As much as I enjoyed the class itself and the help these forums offer the exam itself is turning this entire experience into a horrendous one. I am never going to take another Linux Foundation class again if they continue using examslocal for their exams. Let me explain.

First, when scheduling the exam the button to schedule will only become available after a 30 minute wait. What for? What's the point of making us sit there and stare at the screen for 30+ minutes? Plus, I've already had it happen twice that the button did not activate after more than an hour and I had to start the entire process anew. It's really a hit and miss.

Then, if it finally lets you schedule the exam, it is SLOW AS MOLASSES! I've been waiting for it to "retrieve the available time slots" for the last 15 minutes. This happens almost every single time I try to schedule an exam regardless of what computer or browser I use or where I am. I know already that I can abort the registration process now and try again later today. Or tomorrow. Or a few days from now. Or maybe never...

Then, if I manage to schedule the exam and attempt to take it I have to get out my wife's old Windows laptop because examslocal is incompatible with Macs. Doesn't matter what Mac, it simply will not work. Chrome will display a certificate error and that's it. I've tried different Macs on separate occasions and finally had to revert to my wife's old Acer Windows notebook to take the exam.

This has been a truly horrific experience so far. I am never going to go through that again. I am about to give up to be honest and screw the CKA certification. The hassle of having to register and take that exam is simply not worth it. Period.


  • fcioanca
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    Hi @majun
    We're really sorry to hear you've had such a terrible experience. 96% of our candidates say they'd recommend CKA to a friend so it is definitely very unusual. Our support team is available to help you make this right, please contact them at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org?
    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • armbel
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    What is examslocal? Is it this: https://www.examslocal.com/

  • tabnuland
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    I can agree with this. What a horrific slow and terrible registration process. Ok, the 30 minute wait is acceptable since it actually states that it can take that long. (sounds like backend needs a overhaul.. )
    The registration of Test Site and Time on the site just is unworkable.... waiting for at least 5 minutes untill it shows the available slots - if at all. And dont you dare to click on a different day to check the availability there... again waiting endlessly untill it shows, or untill it timeouts.

    Obviously examslocal need to work on the performance of their app or infrastructure...

  • ahmedsalaheldin
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    I have had offensive experience with examslocal and here is how it all began.

    For some reason, I had to reschedule my exam, I got a confirmation mail of reschedule but in the portal it did not update. At the specific time, I logged into their website (examslocal). it kept saying, exam is loading please wait and I was unable to start my exam session, the technical support was not any helpful at all, I opened a ticket to describe the issue but nobody took care of it. It seems like I lost the exam fees ($ 300) as well. Ugly and bad experience, I hope Linux foundation changes this proctoring provider in the future

  • fcioanca
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    Hi @ahmedsalaheldin

    Our training portal suffered a major outage over the weekend, and our IT team is working to restore all services. As a result, some students may still experience issues with their exams. If you opened a ticket with the Linux Foundation at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org, our Customer Support Team is working to address and resolve all tickets in the order they were received; due to the high number received as a result of the outage, response is slower than normal.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and we ask for your patience while we are working to restore all services and resolve all tickets.

    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • lwille
    lwille Posts: 1

    I can confirm that the user experience on examslocal.com is abysmal. Why does it take more than five minutes to load a handful of possible scheduling times?

  • HungTS
    HungTS Posts: 1

    cannot agree more. I ended up with submitting a support ticket to LinuxFoundation. Scheduling/rescheduling exam with examslocal is the worst experience that i ever had with any exam platforms.

    See my screenshots as below:

    -> It is available slot

    I was happy because my exam is expiring (after 12/05/2021)

    Hit next, "I Agree", then

    so, what does "available" mean in their application glossary?

    LF should receive these feedback and somehow consider another option for their exam if they don't want to lose the current and potential candidate.

  • I couldn't agree more it take forever to load some time slots for a specific day and another eternity for each other day if those times don't suit you.
    On top of that if you're unlucky your session will already be expired by the time everything has loaded so you have to start all over again.


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