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ONAP FUNDAMENTALS (LFS263) - /aarna-aio-openstack-train-centos-7-08062020-00'. The referenced image

Kindly need your support for the below issue : during the ./gcloud compute instances create openstack-01 - creation

aarna-aio-openstack-train-centos-7-08062020-00'. The referenced image resource cannot be found


  • @sundararaja25 Your id is not yet given access to the image. If you have already sent the request, it will be added shortly.

  • Your account has been given access to the image. Please try it now (with the same Google id that you have provided us - [email protected])

  • How does one request for accessing the image. The instructions seem to be outdated

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,766

    Hi @sonimanish0604 ,
    Please follow the instructions provided on the Course Audience and Requirements page in the first chapter; same instructions are also provided in the Lab overview in Chapter 4. You will need to provide your email linked to your Google Cloud account, to get access to the ONAP lab VM image.
    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for the prompt response. Still, I'm facing an issue while installing Openstack on VM.
    Please find the details below ;

    sundar@MacBook-Pro ~/P/O/g/bin> gcloud compute instances create openstack-01 --zone us-central1-f \
    --custom-cpu 32 --custom-memory 72GB --min-cpu-platform "Intel Haswell" \
    --image \
    ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.create) Could not fetch resource:
    - Quota 'CPUS' exceeded. Limit: 24.0 in region us-central1.


  • I faced the same: On the GCP Console: Go to Quotas -> Compute Engine API ->CPU's: on the right you will see the list of all regions. in US-central1, make a change to take it to 96

  • However, How can I be sure if onap tools have been added , I do not see onap-custom/setup-utils

  • Hi @sonimanish0604 , Thanks for the support. still not able to increase the Quotas ->US-central1 to 96. Kindly need your support

  • Hi All, Kindly need your support to proceed further. I got stuck in the OpenStack stack installation due to limited Quotas in the Google cloud. Not able to create an instance with the image provided by arna networks.

  • Hi @sundararaja25 I am one of the students, not from ONAP. you should be able to increase the limit but its a request that gets approved by GCP

  • Hi @sonimanish0604 , Thanks for the prompt reply . Im not able to select the Quota's . Please find the attachment of the picture

  • raghuramg
    raghuramg Posts: 73

    Hi @sundararaja25,
    If you are in Free Trial. its not possible to increase the Quotas.
    Its its Paid account, You should be able to increase the quota. Please click "All Quotas" for CPU. you should then see the screen like below which will allow to increase the limit.

  • Hi @raghuramg , Thanks for the response. In the course i didn't get any info mentioning that i need pay for google to increase the Quotas. Since i have register the course i will get access during this training period . Please correct me if im wrong . Thanks

  • fcioanca
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    edited May 2021

    Hi @sundararaja25
    In the first chapter, Introduction > Course Information > Course Audience and Requirements, in the Lab Requirements section we do specify the approximate costs you may incur for lab exercises, which are paid directly to GCP. We do not provide a lab environment as part of the course enrollment. This information is also specified on the course enrollment page, under the Lab Info section.
    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • Hi @fcioanca , Thanks for the update. Noted.



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