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chapter 13 Continuous Deployment with Spinnaker always fail with error no repository

I do have the following error while (Deploying Spinnaker on Kubernetes Cluster with Helm) :

[[email protected] spinnaker]# helm dependency build
Error: no repository definition for https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/, https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/. Please add the missing repos via 'helm repo add'

more details below:

[[email protected] spinnaker]# pwd
[[email protected] spinnaker]# cat requirements.yaml

any suggestion .? seems the repository https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/ not available any more!


  • Hi @Hamdy_Moussa , I'll check on it and I'll let you know what solution I can offer.


  • Thank you luis, i tried many ways and it always fail!, please keep me posted.)

  • Hi @Hamdy_Moussa , it seems we'll need to wait until the course has been updated, so I can check if there is any update to that section.

    Many regards,

  • @Hamdy_Moussa we are trying to find out the best way to setup CD on kubernetes. That means, we would either update the CD chapter with new version of Spinnaker, or use an alternative approach (e.g. gitops). We are working on it I would update on it soon.

    In the meanwhile, could you try to use https://artifacthub.io/ to search for Spinnaker repo, and follow the instructions for the initial setup ?

  • Thank you gouravshah , i'll try https://artifacthub.io/ until course being updated.

  • Hello gouravshah , also didn't work i got the following error
    Error: template: spinnaker/charts/minio/templates/deployment.yaml:210:20: executing "spinnaker/charts/minio/templates/deployment.yaml" at <(not .Values.gcsgateway.enabled) (not .Values.azuregateway.enabled) (not .Values.s3gateway.enabled) (not .Values.b2gateway.enabled)>: can't give argument to non-function not .Values.gcsgateway.enabled


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