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6.6 Lab Review

diveshpanwar Posts: 1
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Hi All

This might be very stupid question but kindly explain:

In the review file point 13 states
" Locate the token of the securityaccount. Create a file called /tmp/securitytoken. Put only the value of token: isequal to, a long string that may start with eyJh and be several lines long. Careful that only that string exists in the file."

Its kind of ambiguous:
so what should be the o/p in the file (suppose xyz.... is the token):

**token: xyz........




  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 1,549

    Hi @diveshpanwar,

    Provided that the token is stored in a key/value pair format, then "only the value of the token" followed by the description of the value string describes the "xyz..." string, and not the "token:" string. Therefore the file should include only the value string of the token, not the "token:" key.


  • I'm a little bit shocked by this point, of the domain review.
    I can understand that the first part is to test the ability to find this token, but I don't understand why is required to write this token to a temp file, and after that, without an intermediate step, step 14 asks to remove any created resource on the domain review.

    What is the purpose of this temp file?


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 1,549

    Hi @Oscmedgon,

    The domain reviews are meant to test learners' abilities to run specific tasks independently, without much "help", similar to a real world administration scenario. Knowing how to extract specific details and/or information from an API object is a valuable skill, and this particular scenario tests the ability to extract the value of a predefined token.

    Also, it is common practice to delete/remove resources and artifacts created during an exercise, in order to free up resources - cpu, memory, and disk space.


  • Hi @chrispokorni,
    Actually I would really like to see the solution for all the domain reviews, as this would help a trainee to see if they are doing stuff right.A good example is this last task. so even if you fulfilled all task and have created a clusterRole + binding + serviceAccount , you just don't know if the permissions have been correct... That's very disappointing to me....

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 1,549

    Hi @leon.kupper,

    Solutions have not been compiled for the domain review questions, however, a few methods of solving this specific question can be found in the forums.


  • ht0522
    ht0522 Posts: 1

    How to create serviceaccount with secret token


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