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Lab3.1 - chroot

Hi @chrispokorni.
I followed the instructions mentioned to create a guestOS on the hostOS using debootstrap.
Everything looks OK.

My question is to how to delete the guest OS gracefully?

Should I just do a rm -rf* on the /mnt/chroot-ubuntu-xenial/ directory or is there a way. using debootstrap?
I do not plan to uninstall debootstrap.

It would help if this is added to the Lab Guide.


  • chrispokornichrispokorni Posts: 1,018

    Hi @ganeshahv,

    The debootstrap documentation does not provide a method to delete/uninstall the guest OS. But since the plan is to delete the guest OS altogether, the "gracefully" option may no longer be necessary.

    Cleaning-up the guest OS directory will do the job. And there is no need to uninstall debootstrap, especially if you plan on using it again in the future.


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