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LFS201 project files to aws server

What is the recommended way to get the LFS201 resources on a remote server?

I tried

curl --user username:password -o . https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFS201/


  • bfmcneillbfmcneill Posts: 14

    I guess I needed to use wget with the recursive flag

    wget --user LFtraining --password SECRET -r https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFS201/
  • Hi @bfmcneill ,

    Do you want to get all the course pages using wget? I'm unsure that could work, in fact the course is made to be taken online. Or do you mean to transfer the LFS201_V2020-06-11_RESOURCES.tar file from one system to another? If it's the case, you may use scp.

    Many regards,

  • coopcoop Posts: 726

    I think he meant just get the "RESOURCES" and "SOLUTIONS" files and anything else in that directory, such as an updated ./ready-for.sh and the epel repo file etc. Same things he would see by browsing to that directory.

    It is not possible (intentionally) to download the course itself.

  • bfmcneillbfmcneill Posts: 14

    yes, I was trying to get the resources files so I could compile the signals. I figured it out shortly after I posted but thought leaving the thread might help someone else.

  • Hi @bfmcneill , ok, that's good :)

    Many regards,

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